Our technology

At Bayside Optometry, we are well-equipped with high-end technology to monitor the eye health of our patients. Our technology includes:

Retinal Photography

With our retinal photography equipment we can photograph the surface of your retina and examine it for signs of damage and degradation. This will enable us to detect some of the early signs of glaucoma and macular degeneration, and monitor the progression of both.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)

An OCT takes a 3D image of the tissue below the surface of your retina. This allows us to establish a baseline for your macula and monitor for signs of degeneration and disease that have not presented on the surface.

Visual Fields Assessment

Our digital Visual Fields Instrument allows us to assess for any peripheral vision loss. Peripheral vision loss is common in eye diseases such as glaucoma and neurological conditions such as tumours and strokes.

Blephasteam Dry Eye Therapy

Blephasteam dry eye therapy enables us to provide relief from the painful effects of dry eye and blepharitis.


At the completion of your consultation, our optometrists will discuss and explain any conditions, advice and recommendations relevant to you. Captiv8 is the first of its kind where a series of animations can help you to really understand your eyes. The Bayside team will happily email these for you to read at home and share with your family and friends.