Bayside Eyewear

At Bayside Optometry we sell premium eyewear products including frames, lenses and optical accessories. Our products are hand-picked by the team to ensure that we offer a broad selection of styles of the highest quality.

Premium and affordable products

We handpick each of our products to ensure that we are offering our clients only the best. We choose products from reputable manufacturers made from the highest quality materials. Our products are also affordable and have been selected to suit a range of needs and preferences. These products include:

  • Frames of all styles, shapes and colours
  • Spectacle Lenses including the latest generation bifocal and multifocal lenses
  • Contact lenses including daily, two weekly, monthly and extended wear contact lenses
  • Speciality eyewear for sport, including swimming and scuba diving
  • Prescription sunglasses including fashion and full wrap sports sunglasses
  • Safety eyewear compliant with the relevant sections of AS1337
  • A large range of non-prescription sunglasses
  • Other optical products and accessories including cases and cleaning products